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Eventl Cancellation and Refund Policy (version 3.1.1, August 2021)

Eventl designed the Platform and Services to help Partners and Customers efficiently and conveniently complete Bookings/Transactions. Every Booking is a Partner’s commitment to make a Space or Service available to a Customer who has paid in full upfront upon confirmation.

When Customers cancel Bookings, the Partner’s ability to Book that Space or Service during that time becomes increasingly difficult as other interested Customers may have already made other plans. When Partners cancel Bookings, Customers’ events and plans can be severely impacted and may require intensive logistical support from Eventl .

Nonetheless, plans may change, requiring Customers or Partners to cancel Bookings on occasion.

This Eventl Cancellation and Refund Policy (“Policy”) covers all cancellations or refunds for Fees paid on the Platform, which are identified in the Fees Overview. Both Customers and Partners agree that they are subject to and will comply with the terms, conditions, and procedures of this Policy when cancelling a Booking. This Policy is part of and uses words and phrases defined in the Eventl Services Agreement. If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact us.

Eventl may issue payments to Partners, withhold refunds to Customers, or collect cancellation Fees from Partners in accordance with this Policy. We reserve the right to amend this Policy for any reason and at any time by posting an updated version to our website as provided in the Eventl Services Agreement.

1. General Terms

  • The Eventl service fee & processing fee are non refundable.
  • Rental or Service fees are refundable in certain circumstances as outlined below.
  • If there is a complaint from either party, notice must be given to Eventl within 24 hours of agreed event date & time.
  • Eventl will mediate when necessary, and has the final say in all disputes.
  • A reservation is officially cancelled when the Customer clicks the cancellation button on the cancellation confirmation page, which they can find in Dashboard > Bookings > Change or Cancel.

2. Refund: Full refund if cancellation is within 48 hours of booking

  • For a full refund of rental fees, cancellation must be made within 48 hours of booking and at least 28 full days prior to listing’s local reservation date & time.
  • For a 50% refund of rental fees, cancellation must be made 14 full days prior to listing’s local reservation date & time, otherwise no refund. For example, if reserved date is on Tuesday, cancel by Tuesday of the two previous weeks before reservation time.
  • For a 25% refund of rental fees, cancellation must be made 7 full days prior to listing’s local reservation date & time, otherwise no refund. For example, if reserved date is on Tuesday, cancel by Tuesday of the previous week before reservation time
  • If the Customer cancels less than 7 days in advance or decides to end early, the rental fee for the whole event not is non-refundable.

3. Partner or Vendor Initiated Cancellations

Eventl may issue Fines on Partners or Vendors for cancellations and may:

  1. deduct or debit any Fines from amounts that would otherwise be payable, or
  2. invoice such Fines to be paid within seven (7) days.

Any Partner or Vendor initiated cancellations will be fully refunded to the Customer (including any Fees paid). The Partner or Vendor cancelling the Booking will be responsible for tangible costs incurred by Eventl or the Customer associated with any cancellation, and any scheduled payouts for that Booking will be cancelled.

Fines for Partner or Vendor Initiated Cancellations

Confirmed Bookings that are cancelled in whole or part by a Partner or Vendor are subject to the following:

  • A Partner or Vendor may cancel 1 confirmed Booking within a 6-month period without penalty excluding those costs incurred by Eventl or the Customer associated with that cancellation;
  • Additional cancelled Bookings will result in a Fine of the greater of €100 or 15% of the total Booking cost. This Fine may be either charged to a payment method linked to your account or deducted or debited from any amounts otherwise payable to you; and
  • Cancellations of 3 or more bookings within a 6-month period may result in delisting or modifying the description of your Space or Service to include publicly available information about previous cancellations, or suspension or termination of your Account.
  • Partners that have earned “Super Partner” designation will forfeit that designation and any associated benefits after 1 cancellation for no less than a 6-month period.

In our discretion, we may waive Fines for Partners-initiated cancellations under the following circumstances:

  • Accidental acceptance of a Booking cancelled within 2 hours of confirmation;
  • Customers providing false or misleading information in Booking request;
  • Customers suggesting their use of a Space or Service in a manner inconsistent with the Description, the Booking Agreement, or other limitations agreed upon between the Customer and Partner;
  • Inappropriate or illegal activity taking place during a Booking;
  • A Customer and Partner mutually deciding to cancel the Booking with a full refund of the Booking cost to the Customer; or
  • Any excused cancellations.

4. Excused Cancellations

In rare instances, it may be necessary to cancel a confirmed Booking due to extenuating circumstances under short notice for one of the situations identified below (“Excused Cancellation”):

  • Unexpected death or serious illness of a Partner/Vendor, a Customer, or immediate family member of either;
  • Serious injury that directly restricts a Customer’s ability to travel or a Partner’s ability to provide the Booked Space or Service;
  • Significant natural disasters or severe weather incidents triggering a state of emergency that directly impact use of a Space or Service or the Customer’s ability to travel to the Event;
  • Urgent travel restrictions or severe security advisories issued after the time of Booking, by an appropriate government office or agency;
  • Severe property damage or unforeseen maintenance issues that directly impact the safe use of the Space or Service; or
  • Legal, municipality, or utility injunction or order that directly restricts use of or access to a Space or Service.

Eventl may require Customers or Partners/Vendors to provide evidence to support the Excused Cancellation. Where approved, the Booking Fees will be refunded in full to the Customers and no payout will be sent to the Partner/Vendor without Cancellation Fees or Fines.

5. Eventl Initiated Cancellations

Eventl may decide, in its sole discretion, that it is necessary or desirable to cancel a confirmed Booking and issue a full or partial refund to a Customer for:

  • An Excused Cancellation;
  • The removal of a Partner/Vendor or Listing from the Platform prior to the Start Time;
  • Any actual or potential illegal or unauthorized activity;
  • Risk of harm or safety concerns;
  • Failure to provide proof of insurance, including event or film production insurance, when requested by Eventl ; or
  • Any other reason.

Where Eventl initiates a cancellation, any refunds or payouts will vary depending on the circumstances that prompted the cancellation. You understand and agree that neither Eventl nor any of the other parties to the cancelled Booking shall have any liability or obligation for any such Eventl Initiated Cancellations.

6. How to Cancel a Booking

To cancel a Booking you must submit a request to cancel using the “Cancel Booking” designations on the Platform (mobile app or website). Cancellation requests cannot be submitted through messages, phone calls, chats, or emails to Eventl . If you are unable to locate the Cancel Booking icons on the Platform, please contact our Support team.

Submitted cancellation requests may be delayed up to 48 hours to allow either party to reconfirm, reschedule, or finalize the cancellation. After such period, the cancellation will be finalized.

7. Rescheduled Bookings

Where approved by Eventl , a Customer or Partner/Vendor may have an opportunity to reschedule that Booking. Any rescheduled Bookings must be:

  • For substantially the same duration as the original Booking, according to the Partners/Vendors’ approval;
  • Confirmed prior to the original Start Time;
  • Rescheduled for a time within 90 days of the original Start Time; and
  • Only rescheduled once.

Any rescheduled Bookings are non-refundable once confirmed. Any successive rescheduling attempts or failure to successfully reschedule a Booking within the conditions above will result in a cancellation of the Booking, subject to the Cancellation Fees or Fines identified in this Policy, depending on the initiating party. Any rescheduling by Customers may be subject to an additional Processing Fee payable to Eventl .

Should you have any questions or comments concerning this Cancellation and Refund Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at admin@Eventl .com.



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