How it works

Step 1: Find a venue

Find unique spaces for every occasion and you can compare venues, prices, menu’s and more to select the venue you are most excited to visit with a large group.

Step 2: Sign up for a free account

It’s fast, free, and easy to sign up for an account at Eventl.

Step 3: Request a booking

Select the date, groupsize and menu. If you can’t select your date, the venue doesn’t have capacity for that specific day. You also can’t request a booking if your groupsize isn’t suited for the venue. No worries we have more options!

Step 4: Confirm your booking

Confirm your booking with payment within 2 days. Keep in mind that if you don’t pay the requested amount, the 2 days option expires.

Step 5: Inform your guests

Inform your guests about the location details! You can easily share a link. You are ready to go!

NEW: Share the bill

Launch your online ticket sales in minutes. Sell tickets for your events, private dining, and more with our user-friendly ticketing platform. We will arrange the payments through ticketing, so you do not have any hassle but only worry about the theme of the event and who to invite


Most frequent questions and answers

You can search for spaces by location and capacity. In order to book a specific space, you can send a request directly to a host on the platform. Alternatively, you can request a quote from our client relations team and we will search and contact venues on your behalf.

The use of our customer accounts are free of charge.

At Eventl, our mission to facilitate & enable hosts and guests to create, connect, & collaborate through space securely and transparently. We provide transparent pricing, hassle free booking, and a commitment to safeguarding you and your bookings.

Your safety is our priority, therefore we require that all communications between guests and hosts be conducted through Eventl. Messaging and paying through Eventl is the only way to be protected under our cancellation & refund policies, secure payment system and fraud safeguards.

Our goal is to have a trustworthy ecosystem.

Guests are charged for bookings immediately upon selecting a venue and after confirmation of the availability. If the venue is not available, the host will contact the guest and you will not be charged.

You can always cancel your booking, but be aware, it may not be for free. Canceling a booking depends on the cancellation policy of the host’s space. There are three cancellation policies, strict, moderate, and flexible. You can read more about them here.

Hosts may cancel bookings from time to time. Our policies and procedures only allow a host to cancel a minimum amount each quarter, however it does happen. In the event that a host cancels a booking the Eventl team will be notified and we will follow up with the guest to see what can be done.

If you damage something in a space you are responsible for the cost. You can find more information about liability in the Services agreement you sign in order to be able to book a space on Eventl.

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